At Home or Work


Go inside, Stay inside

In some emergencies it’s safer to stay where you are, indoors, off of roadways and away from crowded areas. Used most frequently during law enforcement incidents involving an active threat to the community, but possibly during other emergencies, local officials may direct you to Go Inside, Stay Inside. You should remain inside your home or place of work, and wait for an “All Clear” notice from local officials. You should monitor TV, radio or trusted local internet sources for instructions.

Shelter in place

In some emergencies, such as chemical or radiological emergencies, you may be asked to Shelter In Place. Sheltering in place means to stay inside your home or workplace, and take steps to protect yourself until an “All Clear” notice from local officials. Protective actions may include:

  • Closing all windows and exterior doors in your home
  • Turning off air conditioners
  • Monitoring your TV, radio or a trusted local internet source for additional guidance

Emergency Evacuation

In the event it is unsafe to stay at your home or workplace, local officials may order an evacuation. If you are evacuated, your family and pets need to get out of harm’s way by moving to a temporary safe location. Monitor TV, radio and trusted local internet sources for information on shelters opening as a result of the emergency.